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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Smart, bold investing to revolutionize third-world energy

The energy industry has grown immensely over the past several years. Originally, only a few innovators were responsible for thinking “outside the box” and developing new sources of energy. Today, however, green-energy has become a focal point of big businesses as they attempt to corner an emerging market.
Most financial forecasters agree that a cost-effective alternative to today’s obsolete energy infrastructure will result in the regionalization, and democratization, of energy demand. The question is: which company will be the first to make the big breakthrough?
NRGLab created the SH-box in preparation for this impending transition. Powered by poly-crystalline technology, the SH-box generates affordable electricity from geothermal heat for as little as $.03 per kW, all while leaving absolutely no carbon footprint on the planet! 

Today, over 1.5 billion people still don’t have regular access to electricity. Developing nations are struggling to play catch-up with the rest of the world. Despite the rise in Hybrid vehicle sales and pressure on policy makers to introduce aggressive climate change legislation, the market simply hasn’t reached lesser-developed countries like those of sub-Saharan Africa. Even across East Asia, nearly 1.1 billion people still rely on solid fuels, like coal or biomass, to satisfy their cooking needs. 74% of people residing in sub-Saharan African countries don’t have access to electricity, compared to only 28% of the Western world. Access to fossil-fuels is equally scarce. 91% don’t have the necessary infrastructure in place to supply their populations with adequate gas and oil for mass transit.
Private investors and charity organizations have supported these struggling countries to date, yet opportunities for individuals to invest are quickly dwindling. A lack of established institutions capable of fulfilling basic capital requirements, coupled with a lack of interest in investing in an unpredictable, unproven market, has made brining energy to the third world that much more difficult.
No matter. NRGLab is up to the challenge. People forget that innovative fields, such as microfinance, which is now estimated to be worth $40 billion, originally required $20 billion in subsidies to support the development of lending algorithms which eventually became investment-worthy opportunities and made savvy investors look like fortune tellers. (Not to mention, it made them millionaires) Similarly, in order to revolutionize our energy infrastructure and turn electricity into a globally-accessible commodity, a few bold investors are going to have to come forward and join forces with NRGLab.
Check out to learn more about the SH-box and how we’re trying to empower the world with reliable, clean energy.
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