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Monday, October 28, 2013

Energy Investments: how diverse is your portfolio?

Today, more and more asset management firms are racing to invest in the next big breakthrough in the energy industry. The American-based Carlyle Group, which specializes in private equity, market strategies, real assets, and fund of funds, has recently formed a six person energy team in hopes of better estimating the growth potential for this industry across the global market.
Carlyle recently ended its decade-long relationship with Riverstone Holdings, the firm which helped Carlyle secure half-a-dozen projects in the energy industry. The new team intends to raise an additional $1.5 billion in private equity.

According to a statement released by Carlyle, “Experts forecast global energy demand to grow dramatically over the next decade. Energy production and infrastructure is expected to grow dramatically in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia to meet this demand. [This] will increase the need for capital investment globally."

Carlyle has already invested close to $30 billion in alternative energy funds, but those investments have all been within North America. The new team will scour for opportunities abroad, especially in struggling markets like Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

It’s fairly common in today’s economy for asset management firms to diversify their portfolios with energy projects. Just last year, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts raised approximately $1.25 billion to invest in natural resources. Blackstone Group more than doubled that – over $2.5 billion!

Clearly, the Carlyle Group and others like them are realizing that energy demand isn’t go anywhere anytime soon. People will always need to get from point A to point B. They’ll always need lights to see. Channels to flip through. Food to microwave. What happens when the oil and natural gas run dry, and electricity becomes a premium luxury?  Sure, that may be decades away. Perhaps even a century. But unless we begin investing serious efforts into developing clean renewables, our descendants will pay the price for our hubris.
How is your investment portfolio looking? Have you ever considered investing in a carbon-free, low-cost alternative to the fossil-fuel generator?

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