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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Possible agreement between U.S. & China could score historic victory against global warming

Several weeks ago, United States Secretary of State John Kerry met with Chinese officials in Beijing to discuss rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. Although progress has been made on that front, it’s a surprising bi-lateral agreement regarding climate change that could ultimately leave the biggest mark on history. 

A long-term relationship between the two superpowers would help ensure economic stability and environmental sustainability for generations to come. The U.S. and China are responsible for 45% of all greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve cited several environmental implications, such as melting ice caps, oceanic acidification, and super-storms as justification for the joint-resolution.   

Kerry’s meeting marks a historic precedent. Global warming has finally shifted from being a political stance for or against, to being a matter of fact. The agreement opens up channels of international communication and cooperation by establishing a Climate Change Working Group. Hopefully, this will inspire the United Nations to get aggressive with climate change and adopt a similar collaborative attitude.

Strategic and Economic Dialogues like this have been helping to bring governments together for the last six years. In the past, however, discussions have centered on trade proposals and market fluctuations. The creation of the Climate Change Working Group forces the U.S. and China, politicians indebted to campaign contributors and greedy corporate executives alike, to face the difficult challenges on which our future depends.

When dealing with different governments in a democratic fashion, or even representatives within a national democracy, real issues tend to get bogged down by bureaucratic nonsense. And since the very real issue of climate change encompasses a variety of other issues like national security, foreign trade, and renewable energy, it’s often difficult for legislation to get passed.

Perhaps most importantly, the agreement between the U.S. and China will target specific philosophical differences between the governments’ understandings of climate change. Resolving these differences now prepares the U.N. for down the line, should they ever decide to follow suit and begin working on a unilateral strategy.

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