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Monday, September 16, 2013

Understanding gasification and energy recycling

NRGLab has one goal: create a better future for all of mankind. One way we intend on achieving this is by revolutionizing the energy industry. Right now, we’re developing a number of economically smart, eco-friendly projects, the most promising of which might be our new gasification technology.

Our gasification plants recycle waste while recovering energy more efficiently and on a grander scale than comparable conversion technologies.

Honestly – waste recycling just makes sense! Why are we relying on limited resources, or unreliable alternatives like wind and solar, instead of looking at our own wasteful habits?

Gasification is not only versatile – it’s a force to be reckoned with! Capable of processing agricultural waste, rice, and natural gas into useable future, our process doesn’t waste a single drop of energy potential.

Usually, the energy in waste is discarded. It’s buried, or burned, which causes tremendous harm to the environment.  That’s hazardous material that could be contaminating our water. More greenhouse gases that could be poisoning our atmosphere.  Our gasification technology utilizes this waste instead of just, well - letting it go to waste (pun intended)!

Additionally, our gasification technology will reduce our dependence on our planet’s limited reserve of fossil fuels.

One common misconception is that energy recycling is nothing but incinerating trash. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Gasification is an entirely different process. Chemical reactions at the molecular level cause matter to evaporate into gas, resulting in few carbon emissions.

Another common misconception is that gasification cuts back on recycling. Again – wrong, wrong, wrong! Local recycling initiatives promote consumption awareness and community spirit, and actually filter out unwanted materials prior to gasification.

NRGLab stands at the forefront of green energy technology. To learn more, visit our website at

Because the future is unwritten. Together we can ensure a better tomorrow. For our children. And their children. It all starts with renewable projects like gasification.

Hopefully you understand energy recycling a little bit better now! 

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