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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Belief in NRGLab

In the last publication I mentioned my aim in the project with NRGLab Pte Ltd ( My aim is to open the market of cheap energy for everyone on Earth, as all the people’s and enterprises’ money are forced to energy. And, whether you want it or not, each of you, through business activities or the purchase of goods and services, or through other way is involved in the energy production. Jointly with the real energy market derivatives’ market (stocks, indices, quotes, loans, etc.) has been formed. Many financial intermediaries entangled our daily life with their derivatives.

Nowadays all the money in the world is in energy and derivatives trading. Trade, exchange, banks … we are in an unequal marriage with this “energy mafia”. Who knows the share of energy and derivatives in the world’s GDP? 50 percent? No, 90!
My idea is that people can not use the services of energy monopolies and global companies, but produce energy themselves. NRGLab or independent structures will return the “energy” margin and fee for service back to society, e.g. through medicine, science, educational projects, charity, etc. Refusal from lies and pride will become profitable in ”business”. So many things are built on suggestions, deception and self-deception. Due to the global crisis, the current cheap energy will let a new market for direct business relationships grow.
Which country will be the first free “energy” environment, the place of education, the center of existence, the center of attraction? You choose! It may be the country where you were born and that you love!
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  1. Have you been in Colombia? If not, come here is a great country.