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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Goal for the Project with NRGLab

I came to Singapore at the invitation of NRGLab Pte Ltd. My cooperation with their team before my arrival here was rather short. We had two month correspondence with Ana Shell and several talks via Skype with Zeev Drori from Israel concerning my participation in the company activities. I communicated with all company members on increasing progress of their energy project. This project made a lot of sense for me then, while nowadays my positive opinion about it has only increased. I did not ask for the salary or position in their company, so we came to decision that I would be engaged in the Research Council formation as a volunteer.

Right now I am in Singapore, where I help the team to form a Research Council, which will involve scientists from companies of different countries. My contacts per week have greatly expanded thanks to applications from representatives of energy companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Pakistan, India, etc. Businessmen, politicians, some crazy people message me. My aim for this spring and summer is until October to form working groups within Research Council so that at the first meeting in October we could define Strategy of plants and structures on service around the world. Development strategy of this new business is very important, as only in the last month the company decided to expand the line. It is going to develop the 5 and 8 kW/h SH-box for the private market.
I have suggested to the company’s management quite a simple and obvious strategy – so that every ordinary businessman from any country could participate in the project. To prevent capturing of technology by global players, more rights should be sold to private hands. If person wants to invest one thousand dollars, we should give him/her this opportunity. For one thousand dollars you can buy 20% of SH-box at 5 kW / h. Five neighbors can unite and buy generator at 1 kW/ h per family. In this case, one family in Asia can save in a year to 15 cents per each kW – that is more than one thousand dollars per year. Logic is clear for everybody – person will receive energy at $ 1,500 a year and save $ 1,300 a year. My opinion is also clear – we need to give everybody the right to use this technology. And I’ll find arguments to convince the company to open the market of cheap energy for everyone, as it is a humane and socially just. If you support my idea, please, email me:

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