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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Solidarity & NRGLab

I’ve spent my life traveling the world exploring exotic cultures, learning about new religious beliefs and meeting all kinds of people. Though we may worship different gods and speak different languages, I’ve found that our species shares a universal desire to leave this world a better place than we inherited it. We love our children. We love thinking about grandchildren. We genuinely want them all to succeed, and in order to do that, we want to afford them every opportunity available. The brightest possible future.

Well, so far, we’re not doing such a great job. Global temperatures are at a record high. As are carbon emissions. Glacial melting rates. We may not be leaving a bright future for our children, but we’ll certainly be leaving a warm one behind.

The time has come to put aside our differences. Regardless of partisanship. Regardless of race or social status. We need to focus on solidarity, on what makes us all the same, and start work towards undoing the damage we’ve done to the planet. Don’t think we can? Think the human race is too set in their ways?

Think again! Companies like NRGLab have dedicated themselves to developing clean, cost-effective energy solutions.  By revamping the current infrastructure, which is grossly outdated, and freeing people from costly entanglements with big business energy corporations, we can cut down on carbon emissions. We can slow global warming to a standstill. We can clean up our mess!

That’s why I teamed up with NRGLab to form their Research Council – a coalition of the most forward thinking minds of our time, ranging in fields from science to mechanical engineering. I, along with the rest of the Research Council, want to make a difference by bringing about a more enlightened, more collaborative future. That way, maybe our religious differences won’t stand out as much. Maybe politics, and war, will cease to tear nations apart.

The dawn of the age of universal energy is upon us. The SH-box by NRGLab harnesses the power of heat to produce carbon-free electricity. We hope that, by providing the world with reliable access to electricity, ages of enlightenment and unheralded technological development will follow. Because people are capable of great things when given the right tools. The SH-box happens to be the right tool to mend the climate crisis. From there, who knows where it will take us? The possibilities stretch as far as our imaginations.

So after my extensive travels and discovering just how big this world truly is, I want to do my part to ensure my children, and their children, and my children’s’ children’s children, have the same opportunity I did to see sparkling blue oceans. Snow-capped mountains. And the faces of so many uniquely beautiful inhabitants of planet Earth. 

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