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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Verizon invests in green energy: is your company next?

On Tuesday, Verizon announced its plans to invest $100 million in energy efficient renovations to over a dozen of its facilities. California based developer SunPower Corp. will begin installing solar-panels and fuels cells in their home state as well as New Jersey, followed shortly by four others.

Verizon explained that the investment was made not only out of social conscience, but with their shareholders in mind. “We drive shareholder value, but we're also a good corporate citizen," said James Gowen, the company’s chief sustainability officer.

Consumers are starting to expect companies like Verizon to explore more-efficient energy alternatives, especially those involved in IT and data-cloud storage, fields known for being historically wasteful.

This time last year, Greenpeace ranked the world’s foremost IT companies by their commitment to transitioning to green technology. The environmental advocacy group praised the efforts of search engine moguls Yahoo! and Google, while Amazon and Apple were two of the bigger names adoring the bottom of the list for their continued support of nuclear and coal-burning processes.

Gowen set a goal for Verizon: 15 megawatts of all-natural power by 2014. That would reduce the company’s carbon emissions by roughly 10,000 metric tons and make them completely energy independent. Verizon is expected to see millions in savings, which could be reappropriated towards expanding renovations even further.

Power blackouts? A thing of the past! With their very own source of renewable energy, Verizon will be in control of their own destiny. Say goodbye to that public utility provider and over-paying on monthly bills. Times are tough enough without having to fork over your hard earned dollars to the government. Verizon realized this and decided to make the switch.

Like SunPower, NRGLab wants to help companies evolve to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Investing in clean, dependable technology like the SH-Box is the responsible way to stay competitive in the global economy. The SH-Box generates electricity for $0.03 per kW, which is less than a fourth of current costs! It’s carbon-free, easy to install, and can help your business grow exponentially.

To find out how to invest in an SH-Box and participate in NRGLab’s next auction, visit them online at And remember: if you’re not thinking forward, you’ll be left behind.

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