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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do you still trust the government?

It seems as if every evening, the news leads with another story of government misconduct. Go ahead; pick a country – any country.

The United States, the “land of the free,” is secretly spying on its citizens. Listening to their private phone conversations. Reading their emails. And it’s all 100% legal! (Constitutional or moral – definitely not)

In Turkey, police were forced to fire high-pressure water cannons into a rioting crowd of roughly 15,000 loyalists to the AK Party. Imagine how many will show up cheering and waving Turkish flags at the polling booths when they hold their municipal elections next March.

North Korea is demanding the dissolution of United Nation’s intervention in South Korea. By accusing the U.S. of using the territory as strategic preparation for war against the North, Ambassador Sin Son Ho warns that war can break out “at any moment." And we’re not talking another Korean War, either. We’re talking World War III. Nuclear holocaust. The end of life as we know it.

Foreign leaders can hardly meet in person anymore, for fear of being spied on by their supposed ally’s top secret aerial drone. What are those drones doing in between? Why spying on you, of course! Even liberal U.S. President Barack Obama has used drone strikes to take out suspected terrorists. Without a trial. Without reading anyone their rights. Worst of all – innocent civilians have been caught in the cross fire.

Whether you’re willing to accept it or not, the idea of “privacy” in our technology-driven age is evolving, and fast. What’s OK for the government to invade in order to catch a killer? How do you weigh individual rights versus the overall good? These are some very tough questions, and they’re going to require tough decisions. But do you trust your political leaders to make them for you?

That’s why we at NRGLab are trying to give people some independence. By making access to electricity universal and affordable, you make access to information universal. That creates a well-informed electorate. Responsible citizens, who can curb their consumption habits on their own with a carbon-free generator like the SH-Box. They can learn better recycling techniques. Most importantly, they can share what they learn with the world. And through this web of information, a single person can make history.

So don’t ever give up! If you think turning out that extra light to save a single watt isn’t doing anything – it is! Lead by example. Help ensure a better, greener future for us all.

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