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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How one idea can change the world

As history has proven time and time again, one idea can change the world. Guttenberg’s printing press transformed the way people exchanged information. The steam engine inspired the Industrial Revolution. Manufacturing. Mass transportation. Manifest destiny. Did orators and others see these innovations coming? Were they prepared for such dramatic cultural changes?

            Yes, the Earth changes gradually – but culture changes in the blink of an eye. All it takes is that big idea. A special invention. The SH-box by NRGLab is exactly that. A generator built with custom crystal technology, the SH-box produces zero-emission, cost-efficient electricity. And by designing the SH-box to be integrated with any existed energy grid, NRGLab is prepared to make an immediate impact.

              The Internet is arguably the last great invention to change the world. This was followed shortly by the “dot com bubble.” Now, a majority of retail shopping is done online. Bills are paid online. In fact, the American post-office has been forced to undergo a major overhaul in order to stay afloat in an increasingly paper-less world. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. These things could not exist without the Internet, and just think how they’ve played a role in our society. Twitter has usurped a tyrant in Egypt. YouTube has exonerated the wrongly accused. Twitter has rendered the television nightly news obsolete.

            Now imagine a world where those monthly energy bills you’re paying online are a third of what they currently are. And in that same world, imagine reading news on your Twitter feed about the end of the energy crisis. No more crazy fluctuations in gas prices. Global warming slowed for the first time since before the Industrial Revolution. Even the third-world is thriving with access to affordable energy. The Earth finally seems to be coming together – not crumbling.

            This world isn’t far off. In fact, it may already be here. Be one of the first to invest in an SH-box, and join in the green-energy revolution. Visit for more information. 

By Vladimir Semenov

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